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Denver Convention Center Sign Installation for Yesco, Inc.

data installation

• To install multiple 30-foot signs at the Denver Convention Center
• To run Signs from inside the building, saving the huge headache of maintaining PCs in outdoor conditions.
• Normal DVI cabling only covers 15-20 feet, maximum. Need a solution that runs further.
• To run a fiber solution grade that can handle both indoor and outdoor conditions.
• Manage non-standard conversion boxes at both sign access and PC.

• Indoor/Outdoor Armored Plenum 12-strand Fiber chosen for durability and quality connection.
• Fiber Fusion Spliced directly to converter boxes at sign provides maximum data integrity.
• Fiber patch panel installed at rack allows easy exchange of PCs in the future.
• Test connections rigorously with Fluke DTX 1800.

network cable cat

The Project:
Yesco installed two very large scale LED signs at the Denver Convention Center, including the largest LED display in the Denver Area. They needed to run the signs from a PC installed in the Center’s main communications rack. This saved them from the huge headache of managing outdoor PC equipment installed directly into the sign. Unfortunately, normal DVI connection cables only run 15-20 feet, not nearly far enough to reach the signs 400 feet away.
We proposed a fiber optics solution. Using our Fitel S121m Fusion Splicer, we spliced fiber directly to the conversion box in the sign and ran it to a fiber patch panel in the communications rack. We then connected it directly to a networked PC managed remotely.

fiber splicing

Outdoor Installation:
Yesco bolted their signs in place and we got to work. They installed the underground piping that allowed us to run fiber cables. We chose an Armored Plenum Fiber Cable for its outdoor durability and high connection quality. We used our Fitel Fusion Splicer to directly connect to the DVI converter box installed in the sign. This solution would allow the signal to travel as far as 1400 feet without any data loss.


Indoor Installation:
We ran the fiber into a patch panel directly installed in the communications rack at the convention center and then into the DVI converter box of the PC. This solution allows for ease of swapping PCs in the future. The cabling was well structured and carefully installed, to prevent any other teams in the communication room from upsetting the connections. It would be very embarrassing if the Convention Center signs were shut off by a telecom operator accidentally breaking a connection.

We worked directly with Yesco’s Master Electrician. He was on site to wire the high voltage connections to the sign, while we handled the low voltage data connections. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and helpful. Our goal is to work together to get the job done, so we pitched in and set up the PC.

fiber splicingfluke1

All of our projects are thoroughly tested using the Fluke DTX 1800. The Fluke is the highest end testing kit on the market. It allowed us to be absolutely certain that our connections were the highest quality and met the most rigorous IT standards. Because Yesco used a non-standard connection, we purchased new fiber modules for the Fluke to confirm that the connection gave the highest data integrity. Testing with the Fluke DTX 1800 helped us confirm that our connections are the best in the industry.

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