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The networking push “du jour” is for the new borderless network, defined by networking giant Cisco Systems as a network which has no obvious boundaries without sacrificing security.   A truly borderless network has seamless connectivity throughout the entire company or enterprise, with built-in security that doesn’t hamper the user’s network experience.  And it must be built upon a solid backbone or infrastructure.

When considering an upgrade to a borderless network architecture, start by reviewing your existing wireless and wired infrastructure.  Is it scalable, well-designed, and serving not only your present but your future needs as well?  If not, it is time to call structured wiring installers so you can pave the way by making sure your internal Ethernet cabling is up for the challenges borderless networking will ask of it.

The team of installers will do a complete walkthrough of your facilities to see what is working, and what isn’t.  Your plans for growth will be reviewed, and recommendations for a next-generation architecture from the ground up will be discussed and solidified.

Borderless networking also means seamless connectivity between the mobile and wired networks. When one is spotty, a method for switching onto the other should exist.   A solid analysis of WiFi dead spots within your facility will help make sure this handoff is done intelligently.   Suggestions for rectifying any WiFi dead spots as well as for proper placement of access points/antenna are part of a plan that your network cabling installers can create for your enterprise – giving your network an added dimension of stability.

Don’t try to get the full benefits of a cutting edge borderless network while running on yesterday’s cable infrastructure!  A best-in-class network architecture doesn’t start with the equipment deployed. It starts with the wiring connecting the equipment deployed.  And you should hire the experts in creating the ideal backbone for your new borderless network.

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